Why Radio

Why Radio

Radio is the first electronic media in still maintaining the widest reach. Radio reaches those places where the telephone network fails. The Radio industry is set for a boom in jobs with a new radio station in the next 2 years. The government has given permission to launch 800+ radio stations in 250+ cities in India. In the coming 2 years, the Radio industry will generate an estimated 5000 jobs including Rajasthan.

Take your pick from show producer or content writer or music manager or RJ. If you want to be heard get on RADIO...

Why Crafters

At “Crafters-The Radio School”, you'll be learning a lot more than just how to work as a Radio Jockey.

By training one-on-one with Radio broadcasting professional, you'll learn communications skills that can take you into many different realms of Radio broadcasting.

That’s why our curriculum is completely adaptable to fit your goals and interests, whether you want to be a Radio Jokey, Show Producer, Voiceover Artist, Copy Writer, Promo Producer, Music Manager or even you can become Programming Head.

The best thing about the Crafters- The Radio School is that you'll be learning one-on-one from a highly experienced Radio professional, and all your lessons will take place on-the-job in a real Radio Stations.